The Holocaust

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Social Studies
World War II

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The Holocaust

12 million lives lost

The Holocaust

Isak Borenstein Story My holocaust survivor is someone named Isak Borenstein who was a prisoner of war and was born Radom,Poland on may 5,1918.He had a family wife,son,3 sister,3 brothers.He first worked with cattle with his dad.when the Germans came to Poland he ran away to russia in Krasnodar he worked there as a carpenter.Then in 1941 Hitler started to invade russia.He then joined the russian army and he was sent to a place near to Kremenchug, but before he could have fought they were caught and captured by the germans.He was with 35 other jews only 2 of them survived.Then after that he change his name from Borenstein which was jew name to Broniewski which was a german name.Somehow he managed to escape from the group that he was with because a russian woman pulled him over and hid him.Then from there he went to a little town that translated to five house.He worked nearby the hospital that he was at he worked for bread and soup then he joined the partisans but before he could fight he was caught because a good friend of his was a teacher and was drunk then he started to give up a lot of names and he was one of them they found him in the forest and went to a prison called Dnepropetrovsk.One of the gaurds said that he looked jew so they put him in a death chamber and had kept him there for 10 days .Then later someone named Volksdeutscher said that if he was a jew he would have told them by now because he was tortured really bad.In the jail he knew some girl named Pogorelskaja and she cared for him and feed him then she left the prison and never came back.One day he left and went to find her but then met her grandmother and she said she never heard from her.So one of the tortures that they did to he was that they will take him really cold showers and beat him with lether straps until his skin turned into the color of the skin.Then what they did was they checked to she if he was circumcised and if he was that ment that he was a jew so he was but then he said he had a string that cut him there.Then after he was released some other guard noticed him as a jew but then that guard got beat up so bad by a russian prisoner he made the officer not say anything.After that he was sent to a labor camp called Dnepropetrovsk and later a jew told him about his story and thought that Isak was a russian.Then the russian army was moving in closer so they had to move to Auschwitz but the trained stop for half a day because there was no more room there so then he was sent to mauthausen but he went to the hospital because he had typhoid someone recognized that he would have died so he sent him to Schlier-redl-zipf he worked in a factory but then it exploded then he was sent to Linz lll he was put to work making tank wheels.



Anti-Semitic propaganda The first picture to me means that the jews are bad looking because they look like zombies and the nazis look nice and strong and it looks like they are doing something good like if they are killing “bad” people.Also they seem to be killing him because the nazis killed jews.This second picture to me looks like two countries that are being friends and teaming up to kill all of the jews and to take them out.I think the two countries that are coming together are France and Germany also it looks like they are shaking hands over all of the concentration camps so they want to be allies.I think that in this third picture it shows to me that the russian,american,and france are trying to work together to save all of the jews and to make an army to stop the germans and to save the jews so that they can be in peace and live on.In this picture I feel like they are saying that the jews are bad and that the the germans are this big good life saving people that kill jews because they think jews because they think that they are better than everyone else and that they are unhealthy for us and the world and that they are not friendly and useless.This message to me shows that they have all the money and don’t share and trying to rule the world with and trying to wipe out all the germans and that's what the picture means to me.Nazis used propaganda for the jews because they wanted them to look bad and to make everyone not like them and to make sure that everybody doesn’t like them so they could wipe them out.So this will make Hitler trying to do.Also it makes everyother race not like them so everyone will be on Hitlers side so they could all work together and take them all out faster.Also these things made them look greety and say that they were all ugly and that they can not be trusted just to get all this stuff from them.

The Camp Of MajdanekOne of the concentration camp that were used for the Holocaust was a camp called Majdanek (A.K.A Lubin). This camp started and was under construction was on october 1941. The capacity of this camp was to be about 50,000 prisoners of the war.The first Jews to ever go there were about 150 of them.Later there were 10,000 Jews that were forced to labor camps. They started to send more as then later they got 25,000 Jews there that were coming from other camps. Police officials sent about 18,000 and 22,000 survivors including the women and children that were sent there to be labor workers. At the camp there were at least three gas chambers but at least two of them had used the Zyklon B gas. One of them were to kill the humans that were there. Also one of them had the gas of monoxide for the use of murdering people to. One thing the Majdanek contained was were the Jewish belongings before they all had died. On November 3,1943 operation “Erntefest” (Harvest Festival) police units /ss units dispatched to Lublin (A.K.A Majdanek) purpose was to go and kill 18,000 Jews outside of the camp. One of the ways the Nazis would torture the jews was by making them work without the proper clothing or giving them enough food to feed themselves .So since they didn’t have the right clothing it was also hard because if it was ever cold which I am sure was they wouldn’t have anything to cover them up and keep them warm.Also that would get them to be sick faster and longer since they wouldn’t be protected.So since the Nazis didn’t provide them medical care they could of gotten really bad injuries.Also they would put them in gas chambers so that will make them burn if it just touched your skin so it was a really bad to be at the camps.

Cambodian Genocide One attempted genocide was called the Cambodian Genocide someone named Khmer Rouge took control of the cambodian government in the 1975.He tried turning the country into something with only communist agrarian utopia.They evacuated millions of people to labor camps where they starved and abused them. Doctors,teachers and people that were educated even monks the rich was put to be tortured and killed.It was estimated that about 1.7 and 2 million cambodians died during the things that were happing which was 4 years with Khmer Rouge with he had no out cry from the international community.This genocide was influenced by the the people that are vitnamese.This went to indochina war in 1950 that even had a party into 1968and it turned out to be way bigger in the next 20 years.They tried by bombing part of the place to destroy vietcong targets.


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