The Holocaust

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The Holocaust

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In 1933 forty-two anti-Jewish measures were passes by Nazi law and nineteen more in the year 1934. “Each was designed to protect ‘Aryan blood ‘from contamination with ‘Jewish blood’". These laws included; forbidden contact between Jews and Germans. You would also be determined a Jew or not if your grandparents practiced the religion. Marta Appel, a Jewish woman, stopped attending school in 1935 because she was scared to embarrass her non-Jewish friends. Marta did not want to bring them any trouble and was scared they would risk losing a position just to show they were really still friends with Marta.. In Berlin, Jews were arrested by police for protecting themselves as fires burnt down Jewish shops, synagogues and offices. After this was heard worldwide, Franklin D. Roosevelt was the leader at the time and announced he was withdrawing the United States ambassador to Germany. After the Night of the Pogrom, Jews would not longer have to fear the streets of a German being violent. Although, Jews were stripped of many rights. These included: Jews could not walk or drive in certain parts of major cities, Those Jews who lived in certain major parts would need a police permit to go home, and lastly Jews were encouraged to move and or exchange their house with Aryans who lived in Jewish areas in town. Owning or driving a car and many more.

Hitler believed that German people were superior to all other peoples. “'We National Socialists must hold unflinchingly to our aim in foreign policy, namely, to secure for the German people the land and soil to which they are entitled on this earth.'” Hitler believed that the superiority of the Germans meant that Germans were "entitled" to land owned by lesser peoples, to whom he referred to as "subhumans." In 1938, Germany gained control of Austria and Czechoslovakia. In 1938-1939, Hitler increased the restrictions on Jews on Germany. Many Jews fled Germany, and the Germans encouraged their departure. However, no other nation wanted the 50,000 Jews that fled from Germany. Not all Germans supported the Nazis, and many believed that Nazis were not representatiave of the German nation.

German school systems soon tranformed into a strict form of child manipulation and brainwashing. Boys were sent to Nazi schooling since their childhood, and raised as robots of Hitler. Every day, students were forced to say "Heil Hitler" over one hundred times. This was drilled into the childrens' brains, and they were raised to obey Hitler's desires and they were also raised to be anti-semitic. Girls wer strictly raised in schools until 14, only being taught how to bear children. Thus, the boys' educations were more important to the necessity of Germany.

Targeting the Threat

Jews lost hundreds of privildeges from Nazi laws that affected not only Jews but worldwide as well. These laws stripped Jews form their citizenship and all around pride. Rights were stripped from Jews and anti-Semitic acts increased in occurence and grew in cruelty. Over 50,000 Jews fled from Germany with no money or place to go. The Jews that stayed were sent to concentration camps and killed. German education soon became demandingly harsh in the sense that boys were taught to be robots of Hitler and hate Jews, and girls were only taught to bear children, deeming them unequal to the boys and showing the German hypocracy.

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