The Holocaust

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World War II

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The Holocaust

The Holocaust


In Memory Of All That Died......

One of the most tragic, and horrific events in history- The Holocaust was a genocide which killed approximately 11 million people, 6 million that were Jews, throughout Europe.

The Holocaust was broken into 3 stages:Emigration- Hitlers attempt at forcing the Jews out of Germany. However, many other countries did not take in the Jewish immigrants, leaving them stranded.Isolation- Jews are thrown into isolated towns called "ghettos" .Final Solution- This was Hitlers final attempt to get rid of the Jews. Sending them to concentration/death camps,

1935 Race Law:The Jews were prohibited to marry or have sexual relations with Aryan men/women, hire Aryan maids, and their rights of citizenship were revoked.

Life in the ghettos was horrible. The ghettos were dirty, crowded, and inhumane. Many died of starvation, disease, and their horrible living conditions

Life in the ghettos

The Final Solution

In 1941, the Nazi government came up with a plan in attempt to exterminate the Jews entirely. Head of SS, Heinrich Himmler, was the chief architect of the plan. They began taking the Jews and sending them to the concentration/death camps throughout Europe. In these camps, if you were not killed in the gas chambers by Zyklon B gas or burned in crematories, you were worked and starved to death. The blind, deaf, elderly, and babies were killed immediately upon entering the camps. If you were not fit to work, you were killed. 6,000,000 Jews were killed in this systematic killing process.


One of the most notorious camps was Auschwitz. Over 1 million died at this camp alone

Gas chamber at Auschwitz

This sign at Auschwitz reads "work makes you free"


In 1945, the Allied troops began to liberate the death camps. The Allies liberated Auschwitz in January 1945. There were only several thousand survivors inside the camps. Many had survived the forced marches the Nazis began to make westward into Germany. Most were suffering from starvation and disease, but none-the-less, were going to be saved. After being saved from the Holocaust, thousands of Jews were left without a home. This lead to the creation of the Jewish state, Isreal, in 1948. However, this would begin the start of the Isreali-Palestinian conflict


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