The Holocaust

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The Holocaust

The Holocaust

The Nazis used this type of propaganda to target the Jews so that the other German people would hate them.With the Nazis using the pictures of Jews making agreements with other countries it will make German people think that they are planning an attack on them.The Germans would then think of the Jews as untrustworthy and sneaky people.Nazis would make the non-Jews feel that the Jews are to blame for things that they didn’t even do.People were more likely to agree with Nazis forces then the Jews. This cause a lot of pain and sadness for the Jews.

Joseph Sher was a Holocaust survivor that was born in Krzepice,Poland in July 27,1917.When he was around the age of thirteen his father asked him to help out at his job as a tailor.As he was growing up he had met his future wife Rachel from his little sister.Hitler has became known by more people which caused Joseph to go to Russia with his girlfriend so that he would be safe.His parents allowed him to go only of he married his girlfriend before they left.Once they arrived,they were not allowed in since so many Jews had already entered.This left Joseph and his wife to go back home.When they returned home Hitler had said that every family is to send a young male to go work on a railroad for him.He then knew that he was the one to go sohe did.Out of the one thousand men that went only three had lived and luckily he was one that lived.He also had to go through harsh labor such as cutting down trees,digging up hills,and filling up trenches.This caused them pain since they men really wern’t being taken care of.Joseph was saved by two German men that knew him very well.In the prosses of going home he felt a litter better for that the nine months of back breaking labor was then over.


One of the many well known concentration camps during the Holocaust was Majdanek. Majdanek was one of the biggest camps that killed many Jews that had entered.Although this is one of the biggest camps,the Germans had placed large trees around so that people from the outside couldn’t see what was going on.the Germans had set up tall fences that kept the Jews in and tall towers to get an overview of the camp.There were many cattle cars that dropped off hundreds of Jews that would enter into their slow and painful death without them even knowing it.Once there they arrived the Jews were separated into different groups of women and children,to men that could work.After being separated they were to give up their belongings and their clothes.All Jews that went to Majdanek were to not be instantly killed,but to be forced into labor.This was one of the worst way to die for that they jews were to work to death,exhaustion,or from starvation.Not only this,but the beatings for not doing something fast enough or going against the Nazis would cause major injuries.When the Jews were to be killed they would take them to gas chambers and say that they were going to take a “shower.”Another way of killing was throwing the Jews dead or alive into fire.Once dead the Nazis would dispose of the evidence.This is what had happened in the the concentration camp of Majdanek.

Joseph Sher

Another attempted genocide had happened in Rwanda.This Genocide is similar to what had happened in the Holocaust.Both places had other people that felt better than them took something about them and turned it against them.For example,a young Jewish boy had shot a low rank officer,thus allowing an opening for Hitler to make everyone feel that all Jews are bad.I say this is similar because a person in Rwanda blamed the Tutsis for killing the Hutu president in an airplane crash.With this they later they used this against them saying that they should be “punished” for their wrong doing.This in one of the other genocides that had happened other than the Holocaust.




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