The Holocaust

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The Holocaust

-Other racial and political groups were targeted because they contaminated the purity of the Germans. Among them were the Roma (Gypsies), Disabled, Slavic people (Poles, Russians) Communists, Socialists, ,Jehouahs Witnesses and Homosexuals.-Anti-Semitism did not begin in Europe with Hitler, though it is most often associated with the Holocaust.-Approximatly 1.1 million children died during the Holocaust

-Young children were especially targeted duing the Holocaust because they were to be left alive, they would grow up to parent a new generation of Jews.-Many children suffocated in cattle cars on the way to the camps. Those who survived were imediately thrown in the gas chambers upon arrival.

-The Holocaust occured during the Second World War-Between 2 and 3 million Soviet POW (Prisoners Of War) were murderd by the Nazis or died of starvation in their prisons.-Nearly 6 million Jews were persecuted and murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust-Ghettos and killing centers, concentration camps and death camps were all set up to perform the genocide of the Jews-The killing of the Jews by the Nazis was part of a plan called The Final Solution, created to accomplish the superior Germen race-Above the concentration camp of Auschwitz, there was a famous German phrase, "Arbeit Macht Frei", that meant 'Work Makes You Free.'

One person that contributed to the Holocaust was Adolf Hitler. He started the feel of Anti-Semitism throughout Germany, and began the Nazi secret police. The Nazis were the ones who murdered, captured and held the Jews. They began the violent programs against the Jewish and brought them to the Concentration/Death Camps. Because Hitler was such a persuasive speaker, he made the German people listen to them and fall to Anti-Semitism. It was his idea of the attempt-genocide of the Jews. He created the Holocaust.

The Holocaust

Another person that contributed to the Holocaust was Anne Frank. A Jew during the Holocaust, Anne Frank and her family went through all the experiences of the Holocaust. Her and her family managed to evade capture for some time before they were finally caught and separated at different concentration camps. All of her family, besides her father, died at those camps. Only her father was liberated at the end of the Holocaust.



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