The Holocaust

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The Holocaust

The HolocaustBy: Bianca Garcia

CAMBODIA:In 1975, the Khmer Rouge invaded and took over the Cambodian government. They wanted to turn Cambodia into a communist agrarian utopia, so the began a “re-education” campaign, targeting political dissidents. The people who took control captured millions of people from their cities to labor camps. There, the poor unfortunate slaves were starved and heavily abused. The Khmer Rouge mostly despised doctors, teachers, monks, journalists, the rich, artists; basically anyone high-ranking, who had an education or was religious. They would execute them, and anyone to weak to work or to travel to the camps. If you think just killing all those people is bad, you should know that they also murdered children. They did this to make their family, or just loved ones suffer because of their death along with all other cruelty. All through the time of the four year long and brutal Khmer Rouge, about 2 million Cambodians died.

EVA GALLER:Eva Galler was born on January 1, 1924 in Oleszyce, Poland. Her story is that she was one of the few lucky ones that escaped from a death train. Galler was in the train along side her family, and they witnessed as people were making plans to escape. The other prisoners would pull away the thick barbed wire covering the window of the train. One at a time, some would risk trying to escape, but little did they know that, there were Nazi soldiers waiting for them on the top of the trains with big, loaded guns. The Nazi soldiers shot at anyone who tried to jump, and most of them died. Eva Galler and her brother and sister were the oldest then. Her father had advised them to at least try and escape, so they did, one after another. At that time, Eva was 17, her sister was a year younger (16), and her brother, 15. So as they jumped, just as everyone else, they were all shot at. The Nazis were close to killing Galler, very close, but they did not succeed. Sadly, both her siblings did die because they were hit, and she was devastated. She then lived her life, posing as a Catholic, and used a fake name, only until after the war. She is now living well, and is married with three daughters.

DACHAU:Dachau was the first concentration camp to be created for labor during the Holocaust. It was established in March 1933 in a small German town located in Dachau; hence its name. The camp Dachau was under the control of a mediocre man named Theodore Eicke, along with him followed many Nazis soldiers. There, they enslaved Jews and Germans that disobeyed them and/or Germans who stood up or protected Jews. Over 30,000 people “officially” died, not including the lives not recorded, the accurate amount is much higher. This camp was originally created to silence those who disagreed with the Nazis ideals, and to scare people of Germany into supporting the Nazi regime. To achieve these demands, the Nazis soldiers would torture, even kill if necessary, or if pleased by Nazis or Eicke all captured prisoners whenever they pleased. Dachau was surrounded by a large lake, and gated by an electrified fence. It was large, and full of prisoners. All prisoners who were enslaved lost all of their rights and all their possessions as soon as they would arrive to the concentration camp. The concentration camp’s prisoners were constrained to wear all the same uniforms, black/blue and white striped prison uniforms, and were also forced to shave their heads in order so that the Nazis may benefit from the sold hair. Later throughout the years of the Holocaust, the camp was forced to liberate all of its prisoners in April of 1945, due to the fact that the Nazis did not want to be caught for their wrong doing, enslaving/torturing their innocent prisoners.

FORMS OF TORTURE:In the concentration camp Dachau, several forms of torture were displayed. They were very cruel, and very painful even. One of the various different forms of torture carried out against their prisoners was using their prisoners as lab rats. The Nazis would do experiments on the Jews and other prisoners, they would bring in doctors to conduct decompression, high-altitude experiments to try to find cures for deadly diseases. For example, physicians would run malaria tests to try and figure out a cure for the horrendous disease. They, the physicians, infected about 1,100 prisoners, and all of them unfortunately died. All those poor lives died for nothing, because in conclusion, the physicians did not seem to come to the final answer they desired, that there was no cure. Another experiment that the physicians and Nazis would carry out is inflammation and poison states that were injected into their prisoners to test how their bodies would react to all the different medications. A third operation that they would conduct is testing an anti-bleeding medication they created. How that worked was, the doctors would cut the prisoners participating numerous times, and then the medication would be used on them to see if it was a success. A fourth test that was ran was an experiment to determine whether or not that seawater is drinkable. The prisoners were forced to drink the seawater, and only the seawater to see if people could live off of just this. No other food or product was given to the prisoners in order to make test precise. Various chemicals were added to the drink, to try and purify if, but instead, made it more toxic. In the end, they discovered that it wasn’t good for people to live off of, and eventually, all those in that experiment died along with the others. A final test carried out throughout the camp was tuberculosis tests. Same process as some others, the prisoners were injected with the disease, and all died as well while testing was being done.

PROPAGANDA:The Nazis used this type of propaganda for many reasons. One reason that they used this propaganda is because they wanted Germany to believe Jews are awful and evil. Persuading Germany is another reason, the Nazis wanted to persuade Germany that they need to rid their country of Jews, that if they don’t, they won’t be safe. Showing that Jews are in control of all their enemies, and that they are influencing their enemies, are another reason they used this propaganda. To show that they are the ones that want all the power. All these reason are accurate reasons, but the main reason that the Nazis used this type of hatred and propaganda, is because the Nazis absolutely despised the Jews. For what reasons, I do not know why, but they hated them, and they wanted to make the Jews suffer. Therefore, because they disliked them so harshly, the Nazis decided that it would be best if everyone else had the same beliefs as they did.

"Behind the Enemy Powers: The Jews"


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