The holocaust

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World War II

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The holocaust

The Holocaust

Ways of Propaganda

Chelmno was made in December 1941 Then destroyed by the Nazis in July 1945. Chelmno was made solely to kill Jews everyday. Or those who were not “pure blood” meaning not fully German in Hitler’s eyes. Chelmno was one of the most major death camps in Poland. This camp was made to kill whoever.The concentration camp I have is Chelmno, which was a death camps deported to the camp. Chelmno was where the systematic gassing deaths started to happen. Chelmno had three gassing vans. 50 to 70 people were stuffed into a vans or “washing rooms” to be died of being suffocated. This camp was so horrible there were only two survivors. There we’re lucky because they had to escape to get out of Chelmno. Nearly 1,000 Jews were murdered a day. Chelmno did not end until 1945 and was created in 1941 . That is almost a full four years of nearly 1,000 people dieing over 360,000 died at Chelmno. The last killings at Chelmno were of July. The horrible things that were done to the Jews. They were gassed by Carbon Monoxide which is toxic and poisonous gas. Since the gas does not have taste towards it. It is not so easy for the humans to noticed. Until you inhale the fume in too much you will start to suffocate .The were put into vans. Then burned so their would be no proof of these murders.They were forced to into the so call “ washrooms”.

Nazis used propaganda because it would let the Germans know how the Jews were shady and were non trustful. It is so easy to make propaganda.Nazis used propaganda and get it out to people. They wanted Germans to see why not to deal with Jews and not to have conversation with them. Hitler wanted the world to see more of how Jews were horrible. The more people saw Jews as horrible people the more people would hate them. Nazis were so desperate they used propaganda on children’s books so as they grew up they would also know not deal with Jews

Camps& Torture

Aremenian Genocide

Holocaust Suvivior

A Holocaust survivor is Jeannie Burk who was born September, 15,1939 in Brussel, Belgium. She was only a baby when the war started. Jeannie was a hidden child as they said back then meaning they hid her until she could go with her family.Jeannie is alive because of her mother who later died of breast cancer.She had two older sibling who got sent away also to live. Jeannie live with an old lady for the next two years of her life. Whenever it was a house inspection Jeannie had to hid in the outhouse the lady had so the Nazis would not find her. Otherwise she would have been sent to a death camp which means she would have died as soon as she got there. Once Jeannie was sent with this lady for two years she not have known what has happen to her family. She was really what have happen to her father. She was later reunited with her mother sister,and brother. They all later found out her father was murdered at a death camp. Once her mother had died her sibling were older than her married and engaged. Until one day a foundation called International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union took Jeannie to New York for the next five weeks. Then she had to go back to Belgium with her family.Later on when Jeannie turned 10 a family member from his father side adopted her. Once Jeannie got to New York she only weighed 65 pounds. They bathed her and said her skin was literally gray. She later married at a young age and had six children and 9 grandchildren.

Another genocide I decided to do was the Armenian genocide . In 1890 Sutan Hamia II also known as “ bloody satan”. He said “ I will give them a box on the ear , that I will make them relinquish ambitions,” In 1894 the first massacre happen murdering 8,000 Armenians including children. In 1895 the following year 2,500 Armenian women were burned alive in Urfa Cathedral. After that 5,000 were killed over 15,500 were murdered. The Armenian genocide is related to the Holocaust because they were killed for no reason. Women were burned and so were children alive. This also relates to the Holocaust because they were beaten and tortured as well as the Jews. They were threatened then they realize the threats were becoming true and were getting worse. They had nothing they could do they were worthless useless so they decided to start killing them. They had nowhere to go they had to deal with the torture that was happening to their people.


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