The Holocaust

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The Holocaust

The Holocaust

My survivor is Elie Wiesel in 1940, romania lost the town of sighet hungary following the second vienna award. In 1944, when in one of two ghettos in sighet. Wiesel and his family lived in the larger of the two, on serpent street. On may 6 1944, the hungarian authorities allowed the german army to deport the jewish community in sighet to Auschwitz-birkenau while at Auschwitz, his inmate number was A 7713 it was tattooed onto his left arm. Separated from his sister and his mom, he went to the same camp as his father. Wiesel and his father were sent to the attached work camp buna, a subcamp of Auschwitz III-monowitz.He managed to remain with his father for more than 8 months as they were forced to work under appalling conditions and shuffled among three concentration camps in the closing days of war. On january 29 1945, just a few weeks after the two were marched to buchenwald, wiesel's father was beaten by an ss guard and he was suffering from dysentery, starvation, and exhaustion. He was also beaten by other inmates for his food. He was later sent to the crematorium, only weeks before the camp was liberated by the U.S third army on April 11.

One concentration camp that hitler established, is Auschwitz Birkenau, was a network of german nazi concentration camps and extermination camps. Built and operated by the third reich in polish areas annexed by nazi germany during world war 2. It consisted of Auschwitz 1 (original camp) Auschwitz 11 birkenau (a combination concentration\extermination camp), Auschwitz 3 -monowitz (labor camp to staff an Ig farben factory), and 45 satellite camps. Auschwitz 1 was first constructed to hold polish political prisoners who began to arrive in may 1940. The first extermination of prisoners took place in september 1941, and Auschwitz 2 - birkenau went on to become a major site of the nazi “final solution to the jewish question.” From early 1942 until late 1944, transport trains delivered jews to the camp's gas chambers from all over. As soviet troops approached Auschwitz in january 1945, most of its population was evacuated and sent on a death march. The prisoners remaining at the camps were liberated on january 27, 1945, a day now commemor international holocaust.At the camp Auschwitz they took the jew in cattle cars to the camp, and they were either first put in the gas chambers , burned alive or they were sent to work camps. The kids under 10 were just burned alive. And they burned them in a open pit of fire right in front of the new arrivals to the camp. The nazis starved them and made them do forced labor they were like slaves for the germans. And the other inmates would fight each other for there food.

The nazis used propaganda to target the jews, they did this because they wanted to show all the germans that the jews are bad and no good. They even had a children's book to teach the kids that the jews are bad, and don't go near them. And they were lying about the jews they didn't do anything. One picture that i saw the germans put up is that the jews are teaming up with the british and they are standing over the word like they are gonna take it over. And there was a jewish head hanging over the world.

Another type of genocide was at a country called Burma, it was carried out by yale law schools lowenstein human rights clinic, and featured in a new al jazeera english doc finds that the burmese government deliberately triggered communal violence, incited anti-muslim riots and targeted the rohingya minority. Over 1 million rohingya living in western myanmar having a long faced persecution. And 140,000 people have been living in squalid displacement camps. With severely restricted right after their home and villages were burned to the ground. And that is not right to do to any human.


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