The Holocaust

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The Holocaust

The Holocaust


Buchenwald was one of the largest camps on german soil. The name Buchenwald was given by Heinrich Himmler on July 28 1937. This camp was divided into three parts. Buchenwald was established in 1937. It was first used for a male prison. In 1944 women started being a part of it. 10,000 Jews were sent to this concentration camp during World War ll Buchenwald became an important source of forced labor.The prisoners population expanded reaching 110,000 by the end of 1945. This camp was built to hold slave laborers who worked in local munitions factories 24 hours a day. The different types of torture that was carried out by the Nazi’s to the concentration camp Buchenwald, where medical experiments involving castration are performed on homosexuals. This camp wasn’t technically a death camp they had no gas chambers but hundreds of prisoners died monthly , from malnutrition, beatings,disease, and executions. The medical experiments were like a chamber of horror because of their cruelest kind were carried out on prisoners against their will. Victims were often intentionally infused with various infections to test their vaccines . They would also use Euthanasia to perform regularly on jews,gypsies,and mentally ill prisoners.


Another attempted genocide that was going on was in Sudan.Sudanese government continues to Shave it’s long standing policy of attacking innocent civilians. They are several crises happening in Sudan in including those in Darfur, Abyei, South Kordofan, and Blue Nile.Sudanese government continue to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity against its own civilians.Over a million civilians have been severely affected by violence throughout the last two years. Ground attacks are preventing farmers from planting crops. I could compare this to the holocaust because there rights are being taken away and they can't do things that they usually do because of the attacks.


Oskar Strawczynski was born in Lodz Poland in 1906. He was skilled and accomplished tinsmith. He saved his life at the death camp Treblinka he also was able to save the life of his brother Zygmunt.Oskar was the oldest son in a family of seven children three sisters and 3 brothers.Strawczynski received his education in Lodz he went to a Polish public school. He was in Treblinka for ten months as well a Yiddish cheder- a Yiddish cheder is were a lesson takes place in the house of the teacher. He finished school when he was fourteen years old.He started to work in his father's tinsmith shop. He served in the Polish army for tin 1927-29. Oskar Strawczynski got married after and had two children. His family emigrated to Canada and settled in Montreal in Canada he made no attempt to publish his memoirs. Oskar Strawczynski had other child after that he died in 1966 leaving a wife and three children.


The Nazi’s use this type of propaganda to target the Jews because they wanted to convince people that Jews are bad people and they don’t deserve to have the rights that they have. They also wanted them to look bad and people for people to think bad things about them by putting them on children books.They wanted to convince people that what they are doing to Jews isn’t bad that they deserve it . I also think that they used this type of propaganda to have everybody hate them and to say that they are dangerous people.


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