The Holocaust

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The Holocaust





The Nazis are making the Jews feel bad so they do have a reason to kill them. In some pictures they make the Jews look that they are ugly doing drugs and looks like he's hiding something and is helpless, that he is rich, and on the other side they make the Germans looking like a hero because he is working his butt off to get money. The Aryan looking big and strong healthy that he is hardworking and is willing to do anything for his family and for his country. They compare the regular citizens as bad to the Aryans that are very helpful.

My concentration camp is in Buchenwald. That camp is one of the biggest concentration camps established, it was made in 1937, by the Germans. Before the Nazis took over Buchenwald was the birthplace of German constitutional democracy in 1919, the Weimar Republic. “Weimar” became Buchenwald concentration camp. Buchenwald was a all prison in July 1937, it didn’t allow women until late 1943 or early 1944. They had a electrified barbed wire fence, watchtowers, and a chain of sentries outfitted with automatic machine guns, surrounded the main camp. The Bunker in the main camp at the entrance. The SS (guards) often shot prisoners in the stables and hanged other prisoners in the stables and hanged other prisoners in the crematorium. Most of the inmates of Buchenwald were political, Jehovah's, witnesses, Roma, and Gypsies. At 1945 the population grew to 112,000. They deployed prisoners into other camps. They opened subcamps to hold them. They deployed them and send them to satellite camps, mostly in armament factories, in stone quarries, and on construction projects. Whomever was to weak to work was put to euthanasia, a painless death for ill workers. They did ever was to old or weak was killed, because they were useless to them. The Nazis killed a lot of people, the torture them by being starved, beat them sometimes to death, put them in hard conditions to live, they took them to gas chambers and burned them to death, too. They gave the euthanasia, a painless death for whom was ill (euthanasia means ”good death”).


Isak Borenstein

I am Researching Isak Borenstein, he is from Radom, Poland. He had 3 sisters and brothers. His father was a livestock dealer, and Isak would help his dad with his work. He would take out all the veins out of the meat, he did that because so there was no blood, Jews can't eat blood. When Germany came conquer Russia he joined the Russian army. The army sent him to a place called Kremenchug before they could join. They got caught and was surrounded by the Germans, he was with 35 other Jews, and only 2 survived the shootings. So, he decided to change his name from Bornstein a Jew name, to Broniewski, which was a Polish name. He was sent to a war camp, he escaped. A Russia woman came and hid him. She took care of him. He worked as a doctor meanwhile, and joined the partisans, and got a chance to fight, and got captured again and was put in a jail chamber. Then he met a girl that took care of him when he was weak. They got her out jail and never saw her again. He lied about being a Jew and put him into a regular cell. They got 49 people out of the cell and killed them and went to Auschwitz. He took to Mauthausen because Auschwitz was too full . He was put to in a oven. He was there till the American Army came and was forced to the Russian only found one brother, and his brother went to Buchenwald. Isak got a wife and moved to New Orleans in 1951 and made a wood work shop. Abe (brother) died in 1974.

Map of Battle


One thing I compare as attempted genocide is Russia against Syria. Right now Russia are drowning out Syrian refugees. There is a image of a drowning little boy that started getting attention around the globe. Over 4-million refugees fleeing from the crisis in Syria from what is happening in Syria the leader around the world are combining at the United Nation last week to make an exception to help refugees that are waiting for priority action. Right now the United States are in Syria , and Russia are dropping bombs and or an our troops. People are considering that this is “the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.” There things are relating because what is happening right now is still not done yet. Russia is in Syria because there is a border from Syria to Israel. Everyone that is in Syria is wanting to go to Israel, because Israel is the land of God, and also they just discovered oil in the costs of Israel. So, this relates to the Holocaust by the war that is going on with Syria, Russia, Isis, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.




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