The Holocaust

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World War II

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The Holocaust

1933- the Nazi regime established the first concentration camps.1939-1944- German officials confiscated Jewish property, in many places required Jews to wear identifying armbands, and established ghettos and forced-labor camps.1942-1945 - Nazi Germany also intensified its pursuit of the “Final Solution.” These years saw systematic deportations of millions of Jews to increasingly efficient killing centers using poison gas.194 - By May 1945, the Germans and their collaborators had murdered six million European Jews as part of a systematic plan of genocide—the Holocaust.

In 1933, the Jewish population of Europe stood at over nine million. Most European Jews lived in countries that Nazi Germany would occupy or influence during World War II. By 1945, the Germans and their collaborators killed nearly two out of every three European Jews as part of the "Final Solution," the Nazi policy to murder the Jews of Europe.


The Holocaust


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Website:

What was the Holocaust?

The United States Congress established the Days of Remembrance as the nation’s annual commemoration of the Holocaust and created the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum as a permanent living memorial to the victims.


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