The Holocaust in 1935

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Jewish History

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The Holocaust in 1935

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Underpinnings Nazi idealogy and provided legal framework for symstematic persecution of Jews in Germany. it did not identify a Jew. Christians could not be identified as Jews. For several years of not practicing Judism, Jews were still subjected to legal persecution.

In this year Germany took away many rights from the Jews. even marriage was limited for the Jews to not marry certain people! the military lost some troops!

what happened during the year 1935 during the holocaust?

The Holocaust in 1935


Jewish barred from serving in German forces. meaning that Jews weren't allowed to join the army under any circumstances.This took place in the month of May on the 31st.

women were forced to have abortions when they were pregnant so that they wouldn't pass on hereditary diseases to the child.


According to The History Place (1935) is when The Nazis pass laws forcing women to make certain choices when pregnant.

According to JewishGen (1935) the main idea about this subject is the specific action of the occurance in the military during the holocaust.

According to the United States holocaust memorial museum (1935), the Nuremberg laws intitutionalize many racial theories.


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