The Holocaust Auschwitz

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Social Studies
World War II

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The Holocaust Auschwitz

The march began again.The dead stayed,in the yard under the snow,like faithful guards,assassinated without burial.No one had said,the prayer for the dead over them.Sons abandoned their fathers’ remains,without a tear.On the way, it snowed,snowed, snowed endlessly.We were marching more slowly now.Must have been completely,frozen.



Red Sector A - Rush

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"The unutterable violence of the Holocaust shook our confidence in the possibility of telling any story of faith at all."- Timothy Radcliffe

By: Kelly Bannister

~ Between 1.3-1.5 million people were murdered in the gas chambers of Auschwitz - more than 90% were Jews.

All that we can do is just surviveAll that we can do to help ourselves is stay aliveRagged lines of ragged greySkeletons, they shuffle awayShouting guards and smoking gunsWill cut down the unlucky onesI clutch the wire fence until my fingers bleedA wound that will not healA heart that cannot feelHoping that the horror will recedeHoping that tomorrow we'll all be freedSickness to insanityPrayer to profanityDays and weeks and months go byDon't feel the hunger Too weak to cryI hear the sound of gunfire at the prison gateAre the liberators here?Do I hope or do I fear?For my father and my brother, it's too lateBut I must help my mother stand up straightAre we the last ones left alive?Are we the only human beings to survive?


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