The Holocaust: A Genocide

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The Holocaust: A Genocide

There is a genocide in different places of Sudan. 300,000 men, women, and children were killed in Darfur, 2,000 bombs were dropped on civilians in South Kordofan and Blue Nile, there were also 3,000,000 people displaced from their home and villages in Darfur. While two states bordering South Sudan were supposed to carry out popular consultations, a fight between the Sudanese Armed Forces and rebels broke out in 201. Ever since, the government of Sudan launched attacks in civilian areas for growing crops. Omar al-Bashir was the man responsible for the genocide in Darfur. He has continued his attacks there while also expanding his killing into states of South Kordofan and Blue Nile. He slaughtered men, women, children, and displaced hundreds of thousands of people.


The Holocaust: A Genocide


Soloman Radasky is a Holocaust survivor, he was born May 17, 1910 in Warsaw, Poland, he was sent to the Warsaw ghettos and concentration camps. He had two brothers and three sisters, out of his whole family, he was the only one to survive. His mother and older sister were both killed in the last week of January 1941. His father was killed in April 1942 and his other three siblings went to Treblinka. He was sent to about 4 different camps, one which was a death camp. When he was sent to Auschwitz, they had tattooed his arm with the numbers “128232”. On May 1, 1947 he was shot in the ankle, luckily the bullet went through the meat and not the bone so he did not lose his leg. After the Holocaust, he got married and two children. He later on died at age 92 on August 4, 2002.

The Nazis used this type of propaganda so that the Germans dislike the Jews very much, and to not trust them.They use this type of propaganda to show the Germans that it is OK to hurt and destroy Jews. The Nazis wanted the Germans to stay away from Jews while they make up stereotypes about them, some stereotypes that they made up were that all Jews have big noses and that ALL Jews are horrible because they crucified Jesus Christ.

Several weeks after Hitler assumed power, the Nazis opened Dachau, the first Nazi concentration camp. Dachau was the first concentration camp for prisoners, it included forced labor and imprisonment of Jews. Dachau grew to include 100 sub-camps and prisoners were fearful of brutal treatment and terror detention. The terror detention had horrible tortures such as standing cells, floggings, a so-called tree or pole hanging, and standing at attention for extremely long periods of times. About 10,000 of the 30,000 prisoners were sick at the time of liberation. Prisoners were originally there to serve as forced labor for a munition factory and to expand the camp. It was used as a training center for SS guards and was a model for other concentration camps. Nazi propaganda trivialized concentration camps as labor and re-education camps, when in fact forced labor was used as a method of torture. They used forced labors as a method of torture although it did not signify a change in the overall plan of extermination. Jews were enslaved and employed into forced labor camps across Europe, in the Reich itself, in the west, and foremost in the east.

Soloman Radasky



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