The Hollywood 10

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The Hollywood 10

The Hollywood ten on trial

The Red scare was the spread of fear of communists taking over the world. Therefore, the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) was set up. During the red scare many were accused of communist activities and were imprisoned. Many people started to give names of neighbours so that they could save themselves, as the people were living in a climate of fear and repression.

The Red scare

The Hollywood Ten

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The Hollywood ten were ten individulas from the film industry who refused to cooperate with the HUAC claiming that they were violating civil rights.They claimed that the First Amendment in the U.S. Constitution gave them the right to belong to any political organization they want to be a part of. Later on, they are convicted iin federal court and sentenced to 6 months to 1 year imprisonment, and a fine. However, they suffered more when the movie industry blacklisted them, as a result their careers ended.After they were freed, they could not clean themselves of the accusation, therefore, most of them left the country. The blacklist grew in the industry as the congress conitinued investigating. The industry was terrified by the Hollywood tens' fates that they were all willing to cooperate with the HUAC and therefore produced anti-communist productions.


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