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The Hobbit

TThe Hobbit

One of the most well known characters in The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings is Gollum. Gollum was once a hobbit named Smeagle. Smeagle and his cousin were fishing, then his cousin fell in the water and found the ring. When Smeagle saw the ring, he was possed to it. He ended up killing his cousin to get the ring. The ring cursed him and he lived in The Misty Mountains.Later he was known as Gollum for the noise he makes. Gollums mind was driven crazy by the ring. He calls the ring "My precious!" Now I'm going to talk about when Bilbo steels the ring from Gollum. Bilbo gets lost in The Misty Mountains and he needs to find the way out. He encounters Gollum and he drops the ring without knowing. Bilbo takes the ring and does not tell Gollum. Bilbo tells Gollum if he can help him find the way out. Gollum will only help Bilbo get out if he wins in a game of riddles. Bilbo wins and Gollum realizes his ring is missing. Gollum finds out Bilbo stole it and chases Bilbo. Bilbo escapes from Gollum and does not tell the dwarves and Gandalf about the ring.

The Hobbit is a book about a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins who has to go on an adventure with 13 dwarfs and a wizard named Gandalf. Their mission is to stop Smaug the dragon and stop goblins from attacking kingdoms. The bookwas written by J.R.R. Tolkien in 1937.

They already made three movies ofThe Hobbit. In 2012 they made the Unexpected Journey, then in 2013 they made The Destolution of Smaug,and in 2015 they made the battle of the Five armies. There is only one book, but the story was to long, so they split it up into three movies. Hereis the trailer of the first movie.

The main thing in The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings is the ring. The ring was made by a man named Sauron who wanted to take over lands. He made the ring in Mount Doom and wore it to have power. The ring brokeout to war and people had to fight back. Evantaully, Sauron was killed by a prince who took the ring afterwards. The ring went to many places then ended up to a hobbit named Smeagle who became Gollum. In the book, Bilbo steals the ring from Gollum and keeps it a secret.

Now if I was a character in the story, I would help Bilbo, Gandalf, and the dwarves. I'll help them fight goblins and stop Smaug the dragon. I might prevent the three dwarves from being killed(which I won't say which dwarves if you have not read the book.). And if I find out that Bilbo has the ring, I'll tell him the ring is dangerous. Then he will know and we can destroy it. But it would actually be better if that didn't happen, because bilbo might end up getting killed and his nephew, Frodo won't get to experience of what he did in The Lord of The Rings.


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