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The Hobbit

In the beginning of the novel Bilbo is like an ordinary hobbit. Likes his food, drinks, and security. His intelligence and courageous decisions he makes throughout the journey is what gives him the title, "Modern Hero".

In Chapter nine when the dwares were captured by the elves, Bilbo shows heroism when he comes up with the plan to help the dwarves escape. His plan was to get the dwarves in a barrel that flowed by river to Lake Town." There is nothing in the feeling of weight in an idle toss-pot's arms. these are the ones to go and no others. Do as I say!" (Tolkien 182) This shows how Bilbo begins to take control and also shows his intelligence.

Theme: Bilbo's HeroismFrom the beginning to the end of the novel Bilbo goes from being an ordinary Hobbit to a hero.

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

In chapter twelve, Bilbo shows heroism when he enters the cave leading to Smaug's lair. Bilbo shows his bravery when he enters the cave. This also shows the courage he has. Although Bilbo is invisible, Smaug can still sense his presence. The difference between Bilbo and the dwarves is Bilbo and the capacity to be a hero. Dwarves are very limited because of their nature. Here is a quote that shows their characteristics: "The most that can be said for the dwarves is this: they intended to pay Bilbo really handsomely for his services; they had brought him to do a nasty job for them, and they did not mind the poor little fellow doing it if he would; but they would all have done their best to get him out of trouble, if he got into it, as they did in the case of the trolls at the beginning of their adventures before they had and particular reasons for being grateful for him." (Tolkien 213)

In chapter eight, Bilbo achieves his moment of heroism by slaying the giant spider. This was a moment where he succeded. "Somehow the killing of the giant spider, all alone by himself in the dark without the help of the wizard or the dwarves or of anyone else, made a great difference to Mr Baggins. He felt a different person, and much fiercer and bolder in spite of an empty stomach, as he wiped his sword on the grass and put it back into its sheath." (Tolkien 156)

This is Bilbo before slaying the giant spider.

I woke up to my prisoners gone! How could I be so foolish to rest my head? How is it that the dwarves escaped, but I am the one with the keys? How did they manage to escape? No one has ever been able to get away. Now the other elves and myself will have no share in Smaug's treasure. How will I explain this to the other elves? Why must I be the foolsih one?- Elvenking's guardsman

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This is Bilbo Baggins. In the novel he is described as a Modern Hero. A Modern Hero is an ordinary person who rises to the occasion under extraordinary circumstances.


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