The Hobbit Or There And Back Again

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The Hobbit Or There And Back Again

ClimaxBilbo and the company of dwarves force the dragon out of the Mountain and wait for Smaug to return. Later they learn from an old crow, that Smaug was killed by the people of Lake-Town and celebrate this and take over the Mountain

The Hobbit or There and Back Again

Bilbo is introduced to the wizard Gandalf and is asked by Gandalf to join a group of dwarves and himself on an adventure

Bilbo at his house, dicusses the journey with the group of dwarves leader. Thorin Oakenshield is that leader and he explains the journey's purpose of traveling across Middle Earth to regain their kingdom in the Lonely Mountain take from them by Smaug

Bilbo rejects the offer not wanting to go. The next day Bilbo gets conviced by Gandalf and the adventurous part of him to go on the adventure and joins the group

Bilbo and the group goes across Middle Earth facing many dangers and many challenges along the way to get to the Mountain

Bilbo and the dwarves finally reach the kingdom and prepare to enter and face the dragon

Bilbo goes outside to see that the armies of the Men of Lake-Town and the Elves of the Forest are outside in the valley in front of the Mountain, wanting the treasure of the Mountain. The dwarves, elves, and men argue and the armies of the dwarves of the Iron Hills arrive.

Bilbo is listening to the dwarves, elves, and men agrue, when Gandalf screams out that the armies of the Goblins and Wargs are on the horizon, wanting the treasures of the Mountain

Bilbo watches as Gandalf unites the armies of the Dwarves, Elves, and Men to fight against the armies of the Goblins and Wargs

Bilbo and the dwarves jump out of the Mountain and join in the Battle of the Five Armies. They fight together when Bilbo is knocked unconscious.

ExpositionProtagonist: Bilbo BagginsAntagonist: Smaug and the GoblinsSetting: Middle EarthConflict: Bilbo must help defeat the dragon and many enemies to regain the dwarf kingdom

ResolutionBiblo wakes up after the battle is over. He walks over to the camp where he finds Gandalf who tells him they won the war. The Dwarves, Elves, and Men are at peace with each other. The dwaves have regained their kingdom. Bilbo collects his share of the treasure and returns home with Gandalf.

Bilbo faces many dangers and enemies. He learns how to fight and use a sword. Bilbo also finds a ring that gives him the ability to become invisible


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