The Hobbit in the Human Society

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The Hobbit in the Human Society

The Hobbit in human society

Elves are immortal creatures that can only be killed by an act of violence. Their occupations include smithwork, sculpture, music, and art. Elves develop early in life. They can walk, dance, and speak by their first year. Elves are also considered the most beautiful race. Because of their superiority to most races, Elves represent the upper class. They have enjoyable lives with fun jobs and can perform everyday functions easier than the other races.

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Dwarves are gold-hungry creatures that get a lot of their necessities from the elves. Their jobs include metalsmithing and stonework. Dwarves represent the middle class because they are always wanting more money and their jobs require more work than the elves. They spend a lot of time working just like most of the middle class.


Hobbits are short, fat,and enjoy smoking pipes. They do not accomplish much other than going with the flow through their day and living in their hole in the ground. Hobbits represent teenagers in society because most teenagers are carefee and just like to go about their day avoiding stress. Also, the way hobbits look resemble teenagers because they do not look like young children but they are not fully grown into looking like an adult.

Orcs are dirty, ugly, and violent. Some have tusks and large fangs to make them look scary. They are miserable and hate mostly everything. The only things they create are objects to hurt or destroy. Orcs represent criminals because they do not do very much good and seem to only harm the creatures of Middle Earth. A person who creates weapons to destory others that they dislike is considered a criminal in modern society.


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