The Hobbit hero's journey project

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The Hobbit hero's journey project

AtonementBilbo becomes a hero and receives a "boon", a gift granted to him after learning the ways of quests and the world outside his hobbit hole in general. He gains his share of the treasure, but discovers what he knew better than the dwarves from the first anyway---treasure isn't all that great, especially to be fighting and dying over.

The Hobbit

Abyss (revelation)Bilbo saves the dwarves from the spiders and gets them free

By:Clara Cummins

Call to adventureWhen Gandalf and the dwarves come and tell Bilbo about the adventure

Threshold guardiansThe trolls because the group meets up with them at the end of the end of the known world and defeats them

Challenges and temptationsThe Goblins and wolves. When Bilbo has to riddle it out with GollumThresholdDefeating the trolls and crossing the edge of the wild

ReturnWhen Bilbo returns home after the battleTransformationWhen the purpose of the quest is called. This is after the war is over and the dwarves, elves, and men won the battle

Supernatural aidGandalf and the dwarvesHelperThe dwarves and GandalfMentorGandalf


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