The Hitler Assassination Plots

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The Hitler Assassination Plots

Hitler was the cause of many tragedies around the world. This made him a huge target to major authorities in many countries. Leaders made many attempts throughout the '30s and '40s to take him out. These are known as the Hitler Assassination Plots.

- conspiracy groups against Hitler- knowing Hitlers plans- Claus von Stauffenberg- Hans Oster and Abwehr

If any of these plots had gone through successfully, they could've prevented mass genocide and many deaths of jews in the '30s and '40s.

The Hitler Assassination Plots

The Plots to assasinate Hitler are related to WWII and the Holocaust due to his connection with it. His direct orders determined the outcome of the Jews. If these plots had been successful, millions of Jews could've survived one of the worst genocides in history.

Operation Foxley

- a 1944 plan to assassinate Hitler- British Special Operations- detailed plans, but no action- a bomb method was proposed, but was dropped due to Hitlers hectic schedule.- a sniper plot was planned, trained, but never carried out due to complications concerning whether it was a good idea to assassinate Hitler.

Oster Conspiracy

Operation Spark

-Many attempts made in the '30s and '40s

- throughout the '40s- "Operation Flash"- anti-Nazi conspiracy"black orchestra"- suicide bomb at museum- shooting at meeting- water tower bomb

- 20th of July, 1944- Wolf's Lair, Rastenburg, East Prussia- German Resistance- part of Operation Valkyrie- bombing by suitcase, planted by Claus von Stauffenberg- unsuccessful due to Colonel Heinz Brandt moving the briefcase behind the leg of the conference table- Stauffenberg assumed Hitler was dead and flew back to Berlin

- planned by Colonel Hans Oster- involved "conspiracy such" people- plot was killed after Neville Chamberlain negotiated with Hitler and conceded to him

July 20 plot

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