The History of Voting in America

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The History of Voting in America

The History of the Right To Vote in America

Time Line


U.S. announced its independence from Britain.


African Americans recognized as citizens, giving them the right to vote


Women gain the right to vote.



Congress Recognizes Native Americans as citizens

Americans with disabilities were insured their right to vote

Voters were not able to read and write, and those not fluent in English were insured the right to vote.

Congress recognizes Native Americans as citizens. However, it wasn't until 1947 that all states granted them the right to vote

The 19th Amendment was added to the Constitution, giving women across the nation the right to vote.

The 14th Amendment recognizes African Americas as citizens, giving them the right to vote. However, state officials continue attempts to deny this right.

When the U.S announced its independence from Britain, voting rights were based on property ownership. This typically meant that those voting were white males over the age of 21 of Prostestant religion

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