The History of the Sui, Tang and Song Dynasties

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The History of the Sui, Tang and Song Dynasties

Song DynastyThe Song dynasty lasted from 960-1279 CE. -The Song ruled China during a time of political and military chaos. However, there were many advancements in science and technology during this period as well as good economy. Unfortunately, the military was not very strong and the Bureaucracy was large but put a strain on the economy, which in turn made some Chinese people very mad.

The History of the Sui Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, and the Song Dynasty

Tang DynastyThe Tang dynasty lasted from 618-907 CE. It was one of the richest and most sophisticated dynasty/ nation of that time. There was flourishing trade alone the silk road and the Tangs literature was extremely advanced. The Tang expanded land far into central Asia.

Sui DynastyThe Sui dynasty was a short dynasty from 518-618 AD. The Sui dynasty was founded by Emperor Wen of Sui. However there was another emperor named Emperor Yangdi

Tang Taizong (Li Shimin)- was the Emperor of the Tang dynasty. Tang Taizong killed both of his brothers in a fight for power. He then made his father become in his favor.

The picture above is a picture of Emperor Wendi of Sui. Wendi, took the thrown of his son-in-law and named himslef emperor. Later he won the support of neighboring military commanders and with their help he was able to expand his empire across north china and in 589 he conquered the Chen Kingdom. Soonn after, Wendi was murdered by his son, Yangdi.

Yangdi killed his father and then took control of the thrown. Yangdi continued all of his fathers conquests, devoted himslef to making Confucian education better, and restored the examination system. Later, he forced a countless number of pesents to build palaces and canals to connect different parts of his empire. Yangdi participated in many unsuccessful wars that cause revolts and he was late killed in 618 by two of his own ministers.

Tang ReligionThe Tang practiced Buddhism. Many emperors were devoted buddhist. However, Emperor Wu was the most hard core devoted buddhist out of all.

Empress Wu- The only Empress in Chinese history

Song innovations/ inventions: gunpowder, multi-stage rockets, mechanical clock, compass, porcelain, use of paper money, moveable-type printing

Emperor Taiuz- was the first of five song emperors. He got told to be an emperor by military officers. He rulered from 960-976 he was a good ruler. During his ruleing there was peace and prosperity.

Wang Anshi- also known as "one of the most original minds in Chinese history." bought about reforms in education, agriculture, taxes, and military conscription to deal with mounting unemployment, and border threats. These reforms were mainly made to help to pesants and the small merchants. This caused the wealthy to not be so happy.


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