The History Of The Mayans

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The History Of The Mayans

The history of the Mayans(My-uns)

MAYAN MUSICThe Mayans were very rich in music; here are some instruments they would use:panpipe,rattling cup,drum and whistle flutes.How many can you hear in the video?......

BUG TACOS:Bug tacos are the beginning of the history of tacos. Do you want one with spiders or scorpions?(see movie for more)

The Mayan are known for enjoying chocolate. They thought it was the drink of the gods. They had many other foods such as cornmeal, beans, corn and even bug tacos!(see video)

CALANDER STSTEM:The Mayans had a long count divided into five cycles for a calender system.

Mayan writing

Cocoa tree

Mayan panpipe.