The History of the Lightweight Camera

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The History of the Lightweight Camera

The History of the Lightweight Camera

1867: The Lightweight Camera

1900: The Raisecamera (travel camera)

1981: Sony Mavica

1948: Polaroid Camera

1991: The Kodak Professional Digital Camera

1900: The Raisecamera(travel camera) was invented in 1900. It's light weight and folding ability made it favorable to most photographers. With the help of this new camera, a phptgraphers traveling was more mobile and flexible. It made their travelling and mobility a lot easier!

1991: The Kodak Proffessional Digital Camera (PDC) was released by Kodak in 1991, being the very first proffessional digital camera system. This camera was great for photjournalists!

1994-1996: The Apple Quicktake 100, made in 1994-1996, was the first digital camera that worked with home computers. It was compatible with the Apple Macintosh using an Apple serial cable. Photographers could upload their photos, view, and edit them at their homes.

In 1888, George Eastman invented the first lightweight camera, the Kodak. This camera was easy to carry and made focusing and adjusting the light unnecessary. Over many years the lightweight camera has evolved dramtically. He made this camera so that photojouranlists could have a "cheap and simple" camera!

1948: The Polaroid Camera, also known as the "Land or Instant Camera" was invented in 1948, by Edwin H. Land. This camera took pictures fast and printed them within 1 minute. Photographers were able to see their photos quicker and easier with this printing feature! Today polaroids have progressed and can be bought in various different colors!

1981: The Sony Mavica, invented by Sony in 1981, was the world's first electronic still camera. Because digital photgraphy and television images were related to the same technology, this camera could record images into a mini disk and then put them into a video reader, and were able to be displayed to a television moniter or a color printer.

2005: The Canon EOS 5D was launched in 2005, bringing a simpler quicker way to develop and look at their photos. It allowed photographers to be able to edit their works on their computer and looking onto the camera's screen. The price also allowed them to be able to afford digital cameras.

2000: The Japane Sharp J-SH04 (camera phone) was introduced into the world in 2000, becoming the world's first camera phone. It allowed users to view captured photos and send them electronically. Look at how dramtically the camera phone has changed today!

1994-1996: The Apple Quicktake 100

2005: The Canon EOS 5D

2000: The Japane Sharp J-SH04


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