The History Of The Chumash Indians

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The History Of The Chumash Indians

The History of the Chumash Indians

The Chumash people lived under lots of oak trees. This meant that they had lots of acorns to eat. They would mash up the acorns and make a paste. The Chumash would also eat deer, fish, and other small animals.

There were many deer and squirrels in southern California. Chumash people would use their fur as clothing.

The Chumash people were very intelligent. They learned a lot about earth because they watched the stars every night.

Men made boats called Tomols.

Homes were made out of dried grass. There was a hole in the top to let fresh air in.They lived close to the beach, just like us!

They made many tools out of rocks, wood, and shells that they found.


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