The History of the American Flag

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American History

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The History of the American Flag

It was said that George Washington came up with the sketch to create the flag. Then in 1777 Bety Ross sewed the First flag for the new country. Even before that they had acontinental flag in 1775 untill 1777.

Your Facts

1775-1777- First Continental flag 1777-1795 - First Official of America - 1819-1820 Illinois was added to the flagAnd many more have been added until all fifty staes were added

-There have twenty three different changes to the flag.-The thirteen stripes represent the original thirteen colonies-Union Jack was on the first flag-Out of the six flags that were planted on the moon. five of them stand

Its Impact

The flag has been a symbol of hope for everyone in America and has survived 200 years and Two World War.



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The History of the American Flag!!


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