The History of Television

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Inventors and Inventions

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The History of Television

The processMany scientists helped make television possible. The pictures can’t be sent all at once. Sounds and pictures were changed into electronic signals and were sent to a Television. Then they turned back into pictures and sounds.

The needLong ago, Jhon Logie Baird created a television. A television receives pictures and then transmits them. Television is one way to get entertainment and news.

Timeline 1 Philo T Farnsworth created an electronic Television using a scanning System at the age of 14 and created an electronic system. This was successful because in 1927 he had a working model of an electric TV.

Timeline 2In 1929, Herbert Ives demonstrated the first color Television. This was successful because it was the first color Television.

Timeline 5In 1989, a Japanese company created a TV with a widescreen and a system of 1125 lines. This was successful because it made the picture very clear.

Timeline 4In 1964, the BBC created a TV with A 625 line system. This was successful because the more lines you have, the better definition in the picture.

Timeline 3In 1937, Marconi EMI created a television that produced 405 lines instead of 240. This was successful because it made the picture more clear.

The History of Television

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