The History Of Southwest Native Americans

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The History Of Southwest Native Americans

Jewlery!Southwest tribes often use the color turquoise to make their jewlery.To the Southwest tribes turquoise means heath and happiness.

The history of Southwest Native Americans

The Southwest tribes where often calledMayo, Zuni, Hopi, Cora, Seri and more.

The Southwest Indians carved dolls called Kachina dolls. The dolls were often decorated with masks and costumes.

You probally have seen these baskets in a store. Southwest tribes made these.

The Southwest tribes often ate corn,melon,peaches,and squash.They also ate wild turkey.

Most of the foods they ate where either grown or hunted.

This potery was made by the Southwest tribes.

Most of the places the Southwest region tribes had lived had very harsh environment. This included hot weather, with very little rain. This was very difficult for the tribes that were farmers.

Fun Fact!The Southwest region is home to the largest tribe of Indians.

Pottery was very important to Indians around the globe.


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