The History of Soccer

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The History of Soccer

The History of Soccer

The earliest forms of soccer were found in Asia about 3000 years ago.Soccer is very, very old.

Cuju, a type of soccer game, was played by ancient Chinese people.Some people beleive that the Greeks and Romans played the game, too.

FIFA was founded on May 22, 1904.FIFA wanted to have international soccer tounaments. That idea became known as the First World Cup.

2000 years ago,tsu-shu was an ancient game.Tsu means kicking with the foot.Shu means stuffed leather ball.Another game played in Japan called Kemari was played 1400 years ago.

When soccer was played in England, many people played at once. It ranged from a few dozen to 100 or more people.

Many people got hurt and even killed. In 1307 to 1327, King Edward 11 banned soccer. People who still played the game went to jail.

Many royal people in England tried banning soccer, but it only got more and more popular. Even people in Scotland and France tried to ban it. Finally soccer was unbanned.

OOn December 8, 1863, Ebenezer Cobb Morley made the official rules of soccer. (The rules slightly changed over the years)

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