[2014] Danielle Domini: The history of saint Casimir

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[2014] Danielle Domini: The history of saint Casimir

Saint Casimir was born in the year 1461. As a child, he believed in God greatly. Saint Casimir learned about God from his tutor named John Dlugosz. Casimir was the prince of Poland, born into a family of royalty which he did not enjoy very much. Instead of wearing expensive clothes, he wore plain clothing. Instead of sleeping on a bed, he slept on the floor when he did sleep. Casimir did not sleep a lot because he was usually praying to God. Saint Casimir's father then ordered him to lead an army to invade Hungary; which he felt was wrong. He led the army anyway to obey his father's commands. Eventually the troops deserted which made Casimir turn back and head home. His father did not appreciate Saint Casimir's choice of turning back so he sent him away to a castle in Dobski. Saint Casimir was determined that the choice he made was right, and being sent away to the castle helped him realize his faith in God more and more. He died in 1484 from lung disease at the age of 23. Saint Casimir is a patron saint of Poland and Lithuania. His festday is March fourth.


- Prevented an attack on Hungary.- Taught us that we don't need material items.- Taught us to grow our faith in God and not to throw it away.

Lasting Impact

Taught us to do what we believe is right no matter what others will say.


- http://www.catholic.org/saints/saint.php?saint_id=33 3-20-15- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeE2KCJQwWw 3-24-15

The History of Saint Casimir

Saint Casimir

The History of Saint Casimir


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