[2014] Annabel Dacre (Grade 3,4,5,6): The history of Pangaea

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[2014] Annabel Dacre (Grade 3,4,5,6): The history of Pangaea

The history of Pangaea

by Annabel Dacre

Triassic period

Jurassic period

Cretaceous period

Cambrian/Permian period


This is the Tethys sea, this might have been part of the reason Pangaea split.

In the triassic period Pangaeaspilt into two continents, Laurasia and Gondwana.

Pangaea started to form about 360 million years ago in the Cambrian period. It didn't finish forming until the late permain period around 200-250 million years ago.

The climate began to cool, but was still warm compared to our climate.More rainfall, bringing nice damp surroundings to areas that were very dry. Dinosaurs started to grow bigger.

The Cretaceous was the longest Mesozoic Era, lasting 80 million years.this was when the climate changed to more like today, colder near the poles and warmer closer to the equator.

In the warmer parts of the world tropical rainforest began to grow.A big change to vegetation started in the middle of the Cretacous period, flowers, broadleaved trees and herb type plants began to take over bare surroundings.

The panthalassaocean surroundedPangea.

The surroundings were desert like, there was little vegitiation, only small rivers and it was a rocky landscape.

Pangaea was shaped like a big letter C.Pangaea reached across the equator and extended from the North Pole to the South Pole, you could walk from Pole to Pole without getting your feet wet.

The most common trees were relitives to our pines and redwoods.Ferns and horsetails also started to grow.


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