The History of Native Americans

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American History

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The History of Native Americans

The Seminole tribe has two houses a eating house which collects all the food in the village and a house were the indians live in called a Chickee

The indians played a musical instrument called the sugar cane flute. They also used coconut shell,rattle snakes and used small drums.

Men in the Seminole tribe hunted food and speared fish. They ate otters,raccoons,bobcats turtles,alligaters,birds and deer. They also ate fruit like wild pineapples,mangoes, guava,oranges and berrys from a mulberry tree.

The history of Native Americans

There clothes pertected them from mosquitoes and sharp pieces of grass. They wore leggings out of deer hides

They held two festivals each year.One was the corn dance and the other was hunting dance. These festivals lasted 3-4 days

The Seminole indians made many things out of wood like canoes homes and dolls.


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