The History of Microsoft Operating Systems

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The History of Microsoft Operating Systems

Windows 1.0 is an operating system which had a easy graphic inteface. It was one of the first times a mouse was used to control an operating systems. One of its main features was to have multiple applications open at once with borders around it, which created the name "Windows"

MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) was a black and white text based operating system. Every command had to be entered by typing it after C: in order to access something. It is what became Command Prompt.

Windows 3.0 had a multitude of colors in the operating system. It included and SDK(Software Development Kit) which made developers to be able to easily develop for it without having to spend their time on drivers. Along with that, in 1991 the Gopher System was able to explore the interenet through text and folders.

The Operating system finally had internet support included within the base package. The new tskbar allowed for easy orginization and a way to find programs instead of having many programs only to be able to found by clicking through all of them.

A Roll Back system was featured that allowed the Computer to go back before a Virus or Adware was installed greatly reducing the amount of Computers impacted by it along with a modern design.




Windows 1.01985


Microsoft 1.0 Open Source Emulator

Windows 8 had touchscreen and tablet integration with a redesigned start menu and applications for touchscreens.Windows 10 , the newest operating system had microphone integration where you can ask Cortana, a program that recognizes your voice, and it will perform almost any task you ask it such as searching the internet.


Windows8 and 102012 &2015


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