Milton S. Hershey

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Milton S. Hershey

The History of Hershey Co.

Hershey 's First StoreMilton Hershey's first store opened in Philadelphia in 1876. One of his first products was called, "Fresh Secrets", which had a verse on each wrapper. An example of a verse is "Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you." Mr. Hershey needed extra help in his store, so he hired William "Lebbie" Lebkicker to help him. Mr. Hershey hired Lebbie so he could drive the wagon to bring the candy to other shops to sell. After 6 years and an unfortunate accident, Heshey had to close his shop because he was broke.

Chocolate Factory in a CornfieldMilton Hershey opened a new factory in the middle of a cornfield in Pennsylvania's dairy country. At his new company, Hershey made more than a hundred different morsels out of sweet chocolate. Milton frantically tried to develop a formula for milk chocolate. He succeeded and in 1900 he released the Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar.In 1908, he relased the Hershey Kiss, the iconic sweet symbol of Hershey Company today.

Hershey, PennsylvaniaMilton Hershey wanted a place for his workers and their families to live, but needed them near the factory. During this time period, most factory owners built homes for the workers. These homes were not very good quality. The homes Hershey built for his workers were extremely well built. They named the little town Hershey. Today Hershey, PA is the location of Hersheypark and The Milton Hershey School, a home and school for orphaned or less fortunate children.

Fun Facts! - Hershey, PA was originally called Derry Township, Milton 's hometown and birthplace - In Milton 's first shop, he also made ice cream

Miltion Hershey, Founder and Ownerof Hershey Company


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