The History of Beaver Fur

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The History of Beaver Fur

Primarly located more towards Upper Canada where the beavers are

Castoreum is one of the company that exudate from the castor sacs of the mature North American Beaver.The Canadian fur trade directly employs 70,000 Canadians.

Prized for their warmth, luxurious texture, and the longevity of fur as a material, furs have played a large role in clothing people since the beginning of human history. For everyday use or costume and decoration, furs have been used for the production of outterware such as coats and cape, garment and shoe lining, a variety of head coverings, and ornamental trim

The History of The Beaver FurHarman Gill

Canada’s most important fur markets are China, Russia and the Ukraine, Europe (Italy, Germany, UK, Greece,France, Spain) Turkey and Korea.

Brief History

The fur trade is part of Canada’s resource-based economy and one of Canada’s oldest and historicallysignificant industries.Canada’s fur trade contributes more than $800 million annually to the Canadian economy.Canadian trappers and fur farm owners earned more than $135 million in pelt sales in 2007.

Beaver fur is very high end quality and expensive prodcut to buy, this includes coats, boots, gloves, hats etc.

Beavers can be found near dams, lakes, rivers, forst etc


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