The History Of Archimedes

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The History Of Archimedes

In his work On the Sphere and Cylinder, Archimedes proved that the ratio of the volume of a sphere to the volume of the cylinder that contains it is 2:3. In that same work he also proved that the ratio of the surface area of a sphere to the surface area of the cylinder that contains it, together with its circular ends, is also 2:3.

1) electrical engineers used pi to solve problems for electrical applications 2) statisticians use pi to track population dynamics 3) medicine benefits from pi when studying the structure of the eye 4) biochemists see pi when trying to understand the structure/function of DNA

The History of Archimedes

Archimedes DeathThe tomb of Archimedes is famous for it depicts his famous diagram, a sphere in a cylinder of the exact height and diameter. Archimedes had earlier proved that the volume and surface area of the sphere would be two thirds that of the cylinder.

Geometry came from piGeometry is linked to many other topics in math, specifically measurement and is used daily by architects, engineers, architects, physicists and land surveyors just to name a few. In the early years of geometry the focus tends to be on shapes and solids, then moves to properties and relationships of shapes and solids and as abstract thinking progresses, geometry becomes much more about analysis and reasoning.

ArchimedesWhen we think of the great scientists and mathematicians of the ancient world, who have contributed greatly to today's inventions and researches, who could forget Archimedes. In the hearts and minds of scientists Archimedes occupies the same respectable position as Newton and Gauss. In his ancient Greek days he was known as the "the wise one," "the master" and "the great geometer". His works such as the "Death Ray" gained him popularity and fame that lasts till this day. He was one of the last great Greek mathematicians.

How has Archimedes inventions helped us in daily life.

5) physicists looking into the behavior of fluid ripples see pi and use it in their calculations 6) clock designers use pi when designing pendulums for clocks 7) aircraft designers use it to calculate areas of the skin of the aircraft 8) signal processing and spectrum analysis (finding out what frequencies are in the wave you are using) uses pi since the fundamental period of a sine wave is 2*pi. 9) Navigation, such as global positioning (GPS)

Induvidual ReflectionsMarcus: This project is fun as i get to know more about Archemedis, and what he did to contribute in the past. I have learnt a lot about him and i hope to do more of these projects in the future.jose: Like everyone else, I found this project an enjoyable and enriching experience. I look forward to more of such projects.bevin: I find this math project is enriching for me. I can learn a lot about maths as we use it in our daily life.Visnu: I learnt how pi and geometry has helped us all nowadays. Through this project I have learnt a lot about Archimedes.Sudharsaan: Through this project I have learned how to work closely with my friends.I had also learnt the consequences of procastinating and how it affects our learning.


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