The History of Antisemitism

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The History of Antisemitism

What was antisemitism? Antisemitism was a word created in the mid-19th century. This word was a substitute word for the German word "Judenhass," which meant hatred towards Jews. Antisemitism used to mean "anti-semite" and it included a separate population known as the "semites." This group included the Arabs and the Jews. The people didn't hate Arabs they just hated Jews, so the word then became one word, "antisemitism" to avoid the separate "semite" population.


Has antisemitism stopped? If not where is it still going on? Antisemitism has not stopped and is still currently going on in the world. For example, Jewish residents living in the Ukraine had to register as Jews. They also had to pay a $50 fee and had to hand over proof of any property they owned.


The History of Antisemitism

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How did antisemitism spread in the late 1800s?Antisemitism spread throughout the late 1800s in many ways. For example, Christians in Europe thought that Jews were arrogant for refusing to accept Jesus. As a result, the churches then taught that the Jews were responsible for Jesus' death. The Jews were also blamed for the "Black Death," a plague that caused thousands of deaths throughout Europe. In the late 1800s, the government organized pogroms in which mobs murdered Jewish people and looted their homes and stores.


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