The High and Late Middle Ages

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The High and Late Middle Ages

Epics,or long narritive poems,were written in other lauguages other than the everyday lauguage called vernacular. They were sometimes written in French,German, and Italian

The High and Late Middle Ages

The song of Roland written around 1100 was thought as the most popular song. French pilgrams traveling Holy sites, enjoyed this song most.Dantes Divine Comedy was written in 1300 by the italian Poet named Dante Alighieri. His story summarizes christian ethics, showing peoples actions in life determime thier fate in afterlife.


Architecture and Art

Victor Hugo, a French author, wrote about how in the Middle Ages ''men had no great thought that they did not write down in stone".These wrightings he was talking about were the great buildings of the Middle Ages.

In the year 1000 towns were building solid stone churches that reflected Roman influences. They looked like a fortress with thick walls and towers. The inside seamed very dark and gloomy because the roof was a tunnel of stone.In about 1140, Abbot Suger wanted to build a new abbey church at St. Denis near Paris. Builders developed a"Gothic" style of architexture.

The start of the Middle Ages is often called the Dark Ages. This is the period of time from 500 to 1000 AD. The main form of art during that time was Byzantine art produced by artists from the Eastern Roman Empire, also called Byzantium. Byzantine art was characterized by its lack of realism. The artists did not try to make their paintings realistic, but focused on the symbolism of their art. Paintings were flat with no shadows and the subjects were generally very serious and somber. The subjects of the paintings were almost entirely religious with many paintings being of Christ and the Virgin Mary.

The majority of the literature produced during the Middle Ages was written by religious clerics and monks. Few other people knew how to read and write. Much of what they wrote was hymns, or songs, about God. Some also wrote philosophical documents about religion. One of the most popular books of the Middle Ages was the Golden Legend, by archbishop of Genoa Jacobus de Voragine. It told stories about the lives of the Saints during Medieval times. Some secular, meaning non-religious, books were written as well.


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