The hiding place

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The hiding place

This biography takes place in Haarlem, Holland during WWII. The Ten Boom family are deeply religious and well established watch makers. The story starts off with a party commemorating the 100th birthday of the family's watch business; it continues with the Ten Boom's peaceful life up until 1940 when the Netherlands are invaded by Nazis. The novel continues to document the family's entrance into Holland's "underground", their experiences in concentration camps and each of their encounters with God.

1940 - Nazis invade the NetherlandsFeb. 1944 - Gestapo raid the BejeFeb. 1944- Casper, Corrie, and Betsie go to ScheveningenJune 1944 - Corrie and Betsie go to VughtSept. 1944 - Corrie and Betsie go to RavensbruckDec. 1944 - Betsie diesJan. 1945 - Corrie returns homeApril 1987- Corrie dies at 91

-1922-Became the first licensed female watch maker in the Netherlands-Goes on to fulfill 2 of Betsie's 3 visions-Saved nearly 800 lives during the Holocaust-Established the first "girls club" in the Netherlands-1971- Corrie was knighted by the queen of the Netherlands-Has written several books-Israel honors her as one of The Righteous Among the Nations

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