The Herricks Trip to Taiwan

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The Herricks Trip to Taiwan

The Herrick Family Travels 7,595 Miles from Maine, USA to Luodong, Taiwan!

Our Itinerary:1. Luodong Sports Park2. Dong-Guang Junior High3. Luodong Culture Center for Traditional Arts4. Night Market!5. Jaoxi6. Kenting7. Tainan8. Taipei9. Su-Ao10. Nan-fang Ao

What was your favorite part of our trip?Jamieson and Terean: "Its hard to say what my favorite part was because everyday was something incredible that I'll never forget. But it was probably Tainan or Su' ao with your principal and of course the best birthday present I could ask for with hundreds of kids singing to me. It was so cool to see how you live and to meet all the people that are helping you along the way." Melissa: "My favorite part was visiting Su-Ao, meeting the principal and his family, and eating the best seafood lunch ever!

Besides the people being extraodrinarily kind, what surprised you the most upon arrival?Jamieson and Terean: "I noticed was how clean the cities and sources of transportation were, they care very much about the world and "being green" which was another thing I really liked."Melissa: "I expected Taiwan to be much less built up than it actually was--everywhere we went felt like a full-blown city, even the places that were supposedly more "rural" (like Luodong). "

What's the biggest difference between here and America?Mom and Dad: "We have never traveled to a place where the people were so friendly and welcoming. It always made us smile to hear "Hello!" shouted out from all over as we walked around…even from folks driving by in cars (and trash trucks!)"Melissa: "I think the thing that surprised me most about Taiwan was the people. They're so much less self involved than most Americans, and so willing to help out total strangers. "Jamieson and Terean: "Honestly it was such a breath of fresh air getting away from America and the people. That for me was the most noticeable thing obviously was how remarkably nice and kind everyone was to us. And I mean everyone especially your principal and everyone at the school. "


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