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The Help

Author: Kathryn Stockett

Racism is the main theme in the book "Help". Although the maids where hired help, they were treated very poorly; had to use bathrooms outside the house, could not eat at the table with them; had to enter through the back. The colored help raises the white babies and nutures them into adults who hire "help" of their own.


AIBILEEN: a brave and kind colored maid who is the first to tells her stories. SKEETER: a headstrong young writter who wants the world to know the struggles of the colored people in Jackson, MS.MINNIE: a sassy maid who is always getting herself in trouble with the Whites.MISS HILLY: a selfish woman who is extremely racist and does not like Skeeter associating with the "help".

Character Identity


PLOT-------------RISING ACTION: Skeeter and Aibileen try to recruit "help" to write a book about stories from the maids perspective; Minnie gets fired; Skeeter and Stuart fall in love; Skeeter's mother fights cancer; Skeeter and Hilly clash heads.------------CLIMAX: When Skeeter rushes to Aibileen's house and see's over a dozen colored women willing to tell their stories.-------------FALLING ACTION: After the book has been published, tension is high to see what the community's reaction is. Hilly confronts Skeeter and backs down; Aibileen is fired; Minnie leaves her husband.------------RESOLUTION: The book is a success; Skeeter splits the money from the book among all the maids; Skeeter is offered a job in New York; Aibileen and Minnie encourage Skeeter to go.

TOP PICK:The is book is a compelling and heart-breaking story about life of the "Help" and their perservance to overcome the sometimes tragic difficulties in the Deep South.

Brielle PatelPeriod 5October 20, 2014

The conflict of man vs. self is brought up in this story many times. When Skeeter has to choose wheater she will go against what everyone has taught her or step up and write a book to change peoples minds. Likewise, Aibileen and Minnie have to choose wheather they are going to help with the book are not. If they do they might go to jail or even worse.


ExpostionBACKGROUND: This book takes place in the 1960's during the Civil Rights Movement.SETTING: In a very segretated community in white homes that use colored "help".MAIN CHARACTERS: Aibileen, Skeeter, Minnie, and Miss Hilly.

"You is kind,You is smart,You is important."-Aibileen

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