The Haymarket Riot

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The Haymarket Riot

Ignited one of the nation's first red scares

It was never offically determined who threw the bomb....

A statue in Downtown Chicago protraying the Haymarket Riot.

The Haymarket Riot

In the spring of 1886 workers went on strike at the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company in Chicago.The workers wanted an eight hour work day. After May Day a protest resulted into one of the workers getting killed. A mass meeting was then called to protest brutality by the police. This was located in the Haymarket Square in Chicago. Many radical and anarchrist spoke to a crowed of about 1,500 people. At first the meeting was peaceful but when the police tried to disperse the crowd it turned to chaos. Someone in the crowd thew a dynamite bomb at the police and therefore the police began firing into the crowd for about two minutes. Seven policeman were killed and four civilians were also killed.

Listen to the NPR interview to learn about what happened on May 4, 1886 in Haystack Square

ResultsThe public outcry after the Haystack Riot was enormous. The rioting was blamed on the labor movement, mostly on the Knights of Labor, the largest labor union in the US at that time. Newspapers blamed the anarchrists and supported the hanging of those responsible for the riot. Many arrests were made and charges were brought against eight men.

Knights of Labor: Largest labor organization in the 1880s

The 7 anarchists who were sentanced to die for the murder of a police man


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