The harpy eagle

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The harpy eagle

The scientific name is harpia harpyja.Measurements The Harpy Eagle has a 6 1/2 -foot wingspan, and its body length is around 88 cm. The male weighs around 10 kg, with the female sometimes weighing twice as the weight of its mate.AppearanceThe Harpy Eagle has many different shades of colour in their feathers including light brown, grey and black. It also has a mane of feathers around its head with the young having an extra spiky feather tuff at the top. The harpy eagle has beady eyes, a typical eagle beak and think legs with 5 inch claws. The Harpy Eagle is also the heaviest of all bird species.Interesting FactsThe Harpy Eagle once populated countries from Mexico to Argentina, however now they have disappeared from most Central America. The harpy Eagles talons are the size of a grizzly bears claw.Habitat and DietThe harpy Eagles live in Tropical lowland forest, however when they hunt, they hunt in open areas next to the forest. Harpy Eagles eat tree living animals such as sloths, monkeys and opossums. They also eat different types of reptiles and birds. ReproductionThe Harpy Eagle build nest at the top of the trees in the rainforest (emergent level). They make their nest from small sticks and branches. The female Harpy Eagle lays one to two eggs and they hatch after 53-58days. Once the first egg has hatched the second egg is ignored and does not hatch. The chick will start to fly between four and six months and will stay with mum and dad for about a year before they find their own territory.

The Harpy Eagle sometimes known as the American Harpy Eagle to distinguish it from the New Guinea Harpy Eagle. Although their population once ranged from Mexico through Argentina, harpy eagles have disappeared almost entirely from Central America.


Harpy Eagle

Harpy Eagle Youngling

Harpy Eagle grabs sloth

habitat map of the harpy eagle


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