The Harpies

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The Harpies

After landing on the island, they didn't want to risk a storm so they stayed on the island. The Trojans held a feast where they ate the cows and goats they killed. This provaked the Harpies to attack them. The Trojans tried to fight off the Harpies when one of the Harpies placed a curse on them. Which said they would not be able to return home to Italy until their hunger would force them to eat their own tables.

Fast Facts:

- Home: Strophades (Clashing Islands)in Ionian Sea- A harpy was the mother of the horses of Achilles sired by the West Wind Zephyros- Harpy="that which snatches"- Harpies have been depicted as both beautiful winged women and as ugly winged bird-women


"Italy is the path you take, and, invoking the winds,you shall go to Italy, and enter her harbours freely:but you will not surround the city granted you with wallsuntil dire hunger, and the sin of striking at us, force youto consume your very tables with devouring jaws.”


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The Harpies

The Harpies with Aeneas

The Aeneid: Book III

"These birds have the faces of virgin girls,foulest excrement flowing from their bellies, clawed hands, and faces always thin with hunger."

Basically they have to eat from their "tables" before they can return home.


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