The Harlem Era

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The Harlem Era

By Claude McKayOh when I think of my long-suffering race,For weary centuries despised, oppressed,Enslaved and lynched, denied a human placeIn the great life line of the Christian West;And in the Black Land disinherited,Robbed in the ancient country of its birth,My heart grows sick with hate, becomes as lead,For this my race that has no home on earth.Then from the dark depths of my soul I cryTo the avenging angel to consumeThe white man's world of wonders utterly:Let it be swallowed up in earth's vast womb,Or upward roll as sacrificial smokeTo liberate my people from its yoke!

By Langston HughesDreamsHold fast to dreamsFor if dreams dieLife is a broken-winged birdThat cannot fly.Hold fast to dreamsFor when dreams goLife is a barren fieldFrozen with snow.

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What is the Harlem Renaissance Era?The Harlem Renaissance Era is a period of time after world war 1 when art, culture and social expand, creating new memoral songs and poems. During this time many African Americans became famous, spreading their word around through the use of art and culture.


African American celebrated culture by creating songs and poems about their own cukture. It became very known and everyone started to see the good side of African Americans. Culture expanded, influencing everyone around them with such beautiful art and songs as well as poems that were made.

The Harlem Renaissance Era

What a Wonderful World by Loius Armstrong

By Chris Argueta

Stompin' at the SavoyBy Chick Webb


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