The Haitian World

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The Haitian World

The Haitian World

The cool stuff to do there is visit the Salubria gallery and look at art from Grand Rue Artist. Also go to Bassins Blue and Lakou Lakay. The traditional food they eat is rice but they eat other foods too like beans, noodles, soup, peas and carrots. Meats include tuna, beef or stew. A recipe you can make is called Pate, also known as beef paties. You can type in "haitian foods Pate beef paties" and a recipe will pop up for you so you can make it.

Haiti's flag color is blue and red. The coat of arms(the middle symbol)depicts a trophy of weapons ready to defend freedom and a royal palm for interdependence. It was adopted on May 18, 1803. Haiti achieved interdependence on January 1, 1804. The colors red and blue were from the French flag.

Haiti is right next to Dominican Republic; it is on the same island but it is not the same country. Haiti is southeast of Cuba ; Cuba is also a nearby island. Its near the Caribbean Sea and has really big landforms. Haiti and Dominican Republic together make up Hispaniola.

The language Haiti speaks is both French and Creole. Creole is considered a native language. 80% of Haiti is Roman Catholic. The form of government Haiti has is a Republic. The type of economy Haiti has is a market economy.

Haitians are very proud of their art. One of their famous monuments is Sans Souci Palace. Another, is Citaclelle Laferriere. The most common art Haiti has is paintings. One of their famous painters is named Seymour Etienne Bottex. His murals are in the Cathedral de Sainte Trinite in Port-au-Prince. Other paintings have been sold to raise money for local hospitals.

The current issues Haiti has are their health. There water is contaminate with diseases that can make you die. Another health issue in Haiti is after the recent earthquake they don't have as many resources as they did before. One other current health issue in Haiti is their food. According to the World Food Program, 80% of Haiti's population lives below the poverty line.

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