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The prologue of this book starts off by explaining how Julie Barenson is now widowed because her husband Jim just died, He had left a note for julie along with a box. The note explains how Jim desires for Julie to be happy again and to find someone that makes her smile, “Because the world is a better place when you smile.” Jim states at the end of the letter. After reading the letter Julie opened the box. Inside she found a little great dane puppy. Jim had stated in the letter that the reason he left her this little puppy was so Julie wouldn't be lonely. Julie decided to name the puppy Singer.Now the story starts, it is four years later and Julie is now 29. Julie feels like she is ready to start dating again. She goes on a couple dates with different people and finds none of them seem to meet her expectations until she meets Richard Franklin. Richard is everything Julie had hoped for. One night Richard leaves a note at julie's door step in the middle of the night simply explaining he was going to be out of town for a few days, and this makes Singer go's crazy and he spends the rest of the night barking and running around. A construction worker that works for Richard stops by a shop that is co-owned by mike Harris’s, Julie's belated husbands best friend, garage and says to stay with away from Richard and refuses to say anything more than that. Mike feels he should say something to Julie considering Mike and Julie are best friends but decides to put it off. While Richard is out of town Julie and Mike discover that they have feelings for eachother. Well Mike had always had feelings for Julie, and Julie had always suspected he did, but she just now decided that maybe Mike and her were meant to be. They go on couple dates and really hit it off. When Richard comes back Julie has to tell him that she doesn’t see him the same way. Richard takes it well then explains the reason he was gone was because he had to spend time with his dying mother. Richard falls asleep crying on Julie's couch. Julie let him sleep there for the rest of the night.Then the story goes into Richard's childhood. It says he killed his father and somehow passed it off as a suicide then he eventually killed his mother as well. When Richard was put in a foster home he very badly beat up two of his older foster brothers, of course making him look like the victim by giving him giant slash on the leg with a knife and said he was just providing himself with self defense. The story also says that Richard starts to mix up his deceased wife and julie up.After running into Richard at the grocery store and denying a date with him Julie starts receiving stalker calls with nothing but silence on the other side of the line. Julie keeps repeatedly getting these kinds of calls one day she had more than 20 calls from whoever this may be. One day Julie went on a boat trip with MIke, Mike's brother, and Mike's brothers wife. From the boat Julie noticed someone from the dock staring at them with binoculars in hand. Julie looked a little harder only to realize that it was Richard. Julie finally tells Mike what has been going on.Later that night Mike was performing as member in a band. Then Richard walks into the building he was performing at. Julie confronts Richard and tells him he needs to stop following her and calling her. Once MIke was done performing he rushed off stage and physically attacked Richard. Then Julie and Mike went to the police. They said there was nothing they could do since Richard had never put them in harm or directly threatened to. Jennifer, a police officer at the station was the only one that saw harm in this case. She decided she would work on the case privately since no one else would take it seriously.Mike's brother's wife told Julie that she saw Richard and Julie's co worker, andrea together. the next day Andrea never came to work Julie thought it was her just being her considering that Andrea never showed up to work. But the things took a turn and the police came by and informed the people at work that Andrea was found unconscious and badly beaten up on the side of a road. Andrea was then taken to the hospital and she is lying in a coma. Now the police are finally starting to take this seriously. They go to Richard's house and find thousands of photos of Julie all taken by Richard. Mike and Julie then flee town and go hide at Mike's brothers beach house. Richard changed his appearance so the police don't catch him and waited for someone to follow to find Mike and Julie. Richard finally finds the beach house by following the police car that was being sent to protect Mike and Julie. The police looking into this case at police station find out that the real Richard Franklin went missing years ago. Then they saw that a man named Robert Bonham went missing at that same time. When they started looking into a man named Robert. They found that he had killed his wife and then what he did was kill a man name Richard Franklin, buried him in the woods and continued life with a stolen identity. At the beach house Richard\Robert poisoned Singer and when Julie goes out searching for Singer while Richard\ Robert attacked the officer and Mike. Then Richard\Robert starts to go after Julie and tries to kill her. Singer fights the poison and gets Richard\Robert away from Julie. Then the officer come out and shoots Richard\Robert. The story ends with Julie talking to singer telling him he can go to sleep now and he did his job.

Book Plot

There are a couple different ways to look at the themes of this story. One could say it’s, "Be careful who you trust." Another could say it's "obsessive love." or possibly the "loyalty and companionship of a dog". I choose to believe it’s "obsessive love." That’s the theme I got from the story because, that's what builds the suspense and that's what causes the problem in the story. If there wasn't obsessive love in this story it would be so plain and boring. This story starts with two normal people trying to start a relationship but then the author made it develop into something so much more. It turns into regrets, and situations that no one wants to put or imagine themselves in, events unimaginably beyond creepy, all coming out of someone loving someone too much. So to me obsessive love is the theme that overtakes this story. However, I could definitely see how the other suggested themes could be the main theme.

Book Report

Nicholas Sparks

The Guardian

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The Guardian takes place in Swansboro, North Carolina in the year 2002. ”The sunshine on the lake and clear sunny skies, provides the perfect description of the nice weather and sunny days that you would be very likely to have in the state of North Carolina. But also the woods and lake provide that description that the book gives. There lake is big enough to have docks and homes surrounding it but also not too big that it’s unrealistic for Julie's small town.” -Nicholas Sparks's words


Julie-Julie is a homely women, the age of 29, with brown flowing hair, pale skin and passionate deep green eyes, mellow personality and feel. As well as a friendly smile and warm heart. She doesn't try hard to impress but, all the guys go after her. She lived in the streets before she met Jim, her belated husband. She is kind and well liked.Mike-Mike is a musician, he can fix practically anything, he co-owns a garage, and he is said to be a ladies’ man. He is the age of 34, with light brown hair, blue eyes, and an easy smile to go with his trim build, and overall good looking. He also is very protective and brave. He seems to be strong in the story.Richard-Richard is the problematic character in the story, at the beginning he seems nice, kind and caring, but once you get more into it you realize he is the exact opposite. He is described as good looking in an artistic sort of way, with sculpted cheekbones, emerald eyes, black hair,and a mustache.


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