The Grimm Brothers

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The Grimm Brothers

The GrimmBrothers

FairyTales BookThe Grimm Brothers loved fairytales.They lived in Germany and very few fairytales were told there.They decided to do something about it.They went on a search to collect fairytales.They came up with this idea when they were mature adults.They did not publish their book of fairytales called The Grimm Brothers fairytales until the year 1812.

FamilyJacob Grimm,Wilhelm Grimm,Carl Grimm,Ferdiland Grimm,Ludwig Grimm, Charolette Grimm,Phillip Grimm, Dorothea Grimm, and Henriette Dorothea Wild.

SchoolWhen Jacob was older he studied law. he later said he should of chosen botany.Wilhelm also decided to study law.

Parents DeathPhillip Grimm died January 10th 1796.Dorothea Grimm died May 1808.

Facts about The Grimm Brothers

How they are famous

The Grimm Brothers are very well know because they wrote a book called The Grimm Brothers Fairytales which was written in a way which grownups could better understand it.But in their second volume Wilhelm thought they should write it so kids could understand it better.That is how they are mostly known around the globe.

Birth & Death

The Grimm Brother Jacob was born on January 4th 1785.His brother Wilhelm was born on Febuary 24th 1786.Jacob's brother Wilhelm died on December 16th 1859.Jacob died on September 20th 1863.


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