the griffin and the minor canon

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the griffin and the minor canon

Text Evidence:"If he could not have the Minor Canon, he did not care for anything. So, lying down, with his eyes fixed upon the great stone griffin, he gradually declined and died."

This story takes place in a small village along long time ago. It tells the story of mythical creature (the Griffin) who is judged by his looks. The lesson I learned was to not judge a book by its cover. Always get to know the person before you form an opinion. I believe this is the lesson because the townspeople thought the Griffin was evil and didn't take him in. The only person that would take him in was the Minor Canon. He eventually gave up his life because if he couldn't eat the Minor Canon he would never eat again.

The main characters in this story are: the Griffin-He was a large creature that people were afraid of. He did good deeds for others and respected the hardworking people like the Minor Canon.the Minor Canon-He was the hard working person that befriended the less fortunate and the Griffin. He saved the town from the Griffin. He would have rather give up his life than the people of the town. the Townspeople- They were judgemental to the Griffin and tried to trick him into leaving the town. They were very greedy and shunned the Minor Canon for their own safety. In the end, they became more open minded towards others.

"The Griffin and the Minor Canon" By: Frank R. Stockton

BY: Christian Conrad

The Griffin: Main Character

Townspeople: The Villains

The Minor Canon: The Heroin

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